Fresh, Creamy, Rich Mao Shan Wang Durians

Freshly Packed Daily! Sealed air tight & ready to be transported at optimal conditions from our location to wherever you are in Singapore! We meticulously select the best Mao Shan Wang Durians, fresh and ready to be eaten. The carefully selected durians are immediately vacuumed sealed and labelled to preserve quality. This is to ensure that the taste and texture of the Durians are not compromised. Durian Bentong Station is dedicated to serve the best Mao Shan Wang to all Durian lovers!

As honesty is part of our practice, we do not freeze leftovers, this includes Durians that have been left out in the open and exposed to air for hours. Left over frozen durians will taste watery and mushy, thus they will no longer hold their creamy texture. Durian Bentong Station strictly practices good quality control measures which results in over 2000 returning customers every season. It’s time for all Durian lovers to gather and enjoy our durian feast!