BenTong Station Durians.

Durians are back in season! BenTong Station’s durians are rich and creamy! Their Mao Shan Wang will definitely tickle your taste buds! Especially for those who love bitter durians.

Bentong Station has their own plantation located at Bentong/RUAB in Pahang state of Malaysia. The plantation, rising 1000FT above sea level, provides ample nutrients to their Durian harvest which consists of over 1000 Durian trees! The prime location allows their trees to produce healthy and tasty Durians!

Their trees are at least 25 Years old! And you know what they say, the older the trees the more complex the flavour, the better the taste profile!

When the Durians are ripe and heavy they break off from their main branch. The nets catch the Durians to prevent them from smashing onto the ground! Their farmers ensure that the Durians are handled with care from farm to table!

Creamy and Rich Mao Shan Wang Durian Flesh. Not to be missed.